Southern Hemp Distributors

500 Russell Street, #29

Starkville, MS 39759

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Distribution with a purpose

We began selling hemp oil out of our acupuncture clinic in 2017, after being asked repeatedly by patients to offer it. We knew enough about hemp and CBD to know that we didn't know enough, and so after putting it off for as long as we felt we could, we finally dug into the research to find the best companies we could. We knew that it was going to be really important to us to be able to educate not just our patients but the general public as well, as there is so much information and mis-information about CBD and hemp oil.

Once we started offering hemp oil in our clinic, we were amazed at the profound effects people started experiencing. Our hemp business grew by leaps and bounds overnight, and so we decided to start a distribution company to educate and distribute to other medical professionals in the area. There are so many people who need hemp in their lives!

We are very proud of our distribution company. We don't just take on any client but focus on those who are committed professionally to doing the best thing for their clientele. Every one of our clients is required to go through training, which we provide, before submitting their first order. Once they start selling our products, we stay in close touch and encourage questions as often as they have them. We know that education is key to success - success in business, for sure, but more importantly successful outcomes for those using our hemp oil.

We have a simple line and keep it simple on purpose. Our clients are happy and successful, and we know our products inside and out. Contact us if you would like to join our family of clients offering high-quality, high-purpose hemp oil to scale their business and enrich the lives of others.