Southern Hemp Distributors

500 Russell Street, #29

Starkville, MS 39759

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Scale Your Business With Hemp!


Offering hemp oil to your clients is a wonderful way to scale your business. High-quality hemp oil products tend to sell themselves, as people tend to talk when they start to feel better. This means not only more people coming into your store but the vast majority turning into repeat customers. Most of our clients report greatly increased sales within the first month of business, and their orders reflect this. Our commitment to your education and success help pit you as an expert in your community and set you up for continued growth and success in your business.

Help Your Clients

Your clients will quickly tell you the profound difference they are feeling in their health and life

Increase Your Bottom Line

Our clients experience significant and consistent increases in their sales

Make a Difference

In helping others, you are making a difference in the world - you will feel it in your first month!

Be Known as the Expert

Our clients receive training before they even place their first order. We stay in close touch and encourage questions all the time! Our goal is to help you be the expert in your community.